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What Should Christians Do About Trump?


TrunpBe sure to read the added postscript at the bottom of this article.

There is little doubt that Donald Trump has caused quite a stir among political enthusiasts and non enthusiasts alike. He has captured the hearts of a majority of people across the nation who are tired of politics as usual. Among those who appear to be enthralled by his campaign promises are many professing Evangelical Christians. Early vote tallies provided by the Nevada Republican Party showed that 41 percent of Caucus attendees, identifying as born-again evangelicals, voted for Trump. In addition to this, Jerry Falwell Jr., a well known name among evangelicals, gave Trump a glowing endorsement and even defended his christian status on a cable news channel.

Simply looking at the evidence, there are plenty of reasons to question wether or not Donald Trump has been genuinely regenerated by the Spirit of God. It is not, however, the purpose of this article to determine whether or not Trump is a genuine follower of Christ. Nor is it the intent of this article to encourage Christians to support Trump, or any other candidate. Rather, the purpose of this article is to ask the question…“What should a Christian do if Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination and becomes the Republican presidential candidate?”

“What should a Christian do if Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination and becomes the Republican presidential candidate?”

One response to this scenario, and one that many Christians are already suggesting, is to refuse to vote altogether. One day, this may be the only response true, Bible believing Christians have during an election. I believe the political system in America will become so corrupt and morally bankrupt that Christians can no longer, in good conscience, cast a vote for any candidate. As post-modern America continues down the path of “tolerance” and “no-absolutes”, it will become unheard of to have a single candidate, on either side, who has a pro-life stance, or believes that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. However, we are not there yet.

If (and I emphasize IF) Donald Trump becomes the Republican candidate in the 2016 Presidential election, I could, as a believer and in good conscience, vote for him, and here are three reasons why.

Trump is pro-traditional marriage. When asked by cable talk show hosts Trump has repeatedly stated that he holds a traditional view of marriage. Clinton and Sanders, on the other hand, not only support same-sex marriage, but aggressively promote it.

Trump is pro-life. Yes, he used to be pro choice, but so was Ronald Regan before changing his mind. In a recent town hall meeting in Nevada, Trump said that he would de-fund Planned Parenthood if they continued to perform abortions. Clinton and Sanders however, are not only pro-choice, but aggressively defend abortion as a vital part of women’s healthcare.

Trump would appoint conservative Justices. We must not forget that over the next several years at least three supreme court justices will be appointed to the highest court in the land. Donald Trump and the Republican platform are more likely to appointed conservative justices that would uphold the constitutional rights for all men and women, including those still in their mother’s womb.  The opposite would be true for Hillary Clinton, who has stated “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

I know many point out the immoral shortcomings of Donald Trump and say, “I would never vote for such a wretched sinner as Trump!” However, we must remember that every leader who has ever been elected to public office in the history of the whole wide world has been a wretched sinner. Yet, the sovereign God of the universe has chosen, at times, to use wicked men to achieve his purposes throughout history.

In my opinion, by not voting for the candidate who claims to support two foundational morals of evangelical Christianity, we are assisting the candidate who openly opposes those morals, get elected.

At the end of the day we must remember that Politics and Government were never intended to be our Savior. Therefore, let us cast a simple vote for the one candidate that best represents the morals that God has given to protect a society, and then, let us get back to the more important business of proclaiming the glorious gospel of Christ!

[POSTSCRIPT: October 13, 2016] Much has happened over the past several months that has caused me to exercise great caution in regards to considering a vote for Mr. Trump. Although I am an avid supporter of life, I find it difficult to endorse a man who repeatedly tramples the values of the Christian faith. I understand why some Christians will vote for Donald Trump. I also understand why many can’t. Therefore, let us be gracious to one another and Kingdom focused, for the glory of God.

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